Video and webinar production

WHERE? Nationwide coverage

HOW MUCH? Typical costs of £250-500 + VAT and expenses for short videos and webinars. Flat rate deals for repeat assignments.

HOW QUICK? Very quick compared to many others. First Cut for approval within days of shooting, not weeks, put on Vimeo for easy viewing and comment

FLEXIBILITY? WebinEasy - just tell us who and where - and we will contact them and organise the filming - saving you time and trouble

BENEFITS? Save time and money by using video resources - a cost effective and value for money solution. Experienced crew

GOING THE EXTRA MILE … Shot, edited and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or your streaming server. Edited in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

OUR STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT? Shot in full HD or Standard definition on industry standard Sony EX1R pro camera or AVCHD or DSLR

AREAS OF EXPERTISE? Training videos and webinars, internal organisational inductions or training, Social & sports events, interviews, amateur dramatics, school plays, documentaries.

OUR NICHE? (Legal) CPD videos - hundreds filmed in the last three years for national training companies

Recent projects